Patience and Kindness are the mothers of Leviathan Invidia (Envy) and Satan Ira (Wrath) who are the exact opposites of their daughters.

They are two lesbian wives who is the only couple among the virtues, when they decided to have a child, the one that Sacrificer made pregnant with both of the twin was Kindness, due to her more feminine nature than Patience, but Sacrificer took the dna from both, making Envy and Wrath the only ones with two biological parents. They are both from a Chinese village but moved when they got married. Patience is a very calm, almost emotionless woman who is sweet to anyone but is a big closet pervert, Kindness is a ultimate sweetheart, almost too sweet, she never let's her smile frown, not even at the saddest of times, she always smiles...always.

All the virtues are designed and OWNED by Leeroy

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