Sacrificer, is the creator of the sins and also said to be the (quote unquote) father of the sins.

He isn't really their biological father.

He made all of the seven virtues pregnant using magic so that the virtues could stay virgin, so all the sins dna comes from their mother and from (quote unquote) fake dna created with magic (Which is where their sins come from)

Sacrificer got a 90 feet tail and most of it is set in the bottom of his swamp. So he always stays in his personal woods called The Sacrificer's Swamp.

Sacrificer is very old, he is said to be around 1000+ years old and very close to his last years of life.

Sacrificer got a wife named Scheherazade and a little child named The Tiny One.

Sacrificer is (like most others in this show) A Dumblotraight. He has his nose cut off but due to the dark shadow caused by the hole where his nose used to be, people believe he is a black boned. (Freaky shit)

The voice actor for Sacrificer is True Myriad.

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