Lucifer Superbia, also called Pride, is the seventh prince of hell living in the Sin's Apartment, The King of the Sins & known as the Morning Star and the bringer of evil in Christianity.

He lives in the violet panel on the top of the whole apartment, his whole hall is covered with mirrors on the wall.

Pride is the most selfish of the sins, but he is also the leader of them, he was the first sin that came through Sacrificers head to become his first son, but the first out of the virtues who wished to be pregnant was Diligence, Sloth's mother and Pride's cousin, some years afterwords Humility desired it, and Pride was born.

He loves himself, his crown, his robe and basically everything about himself. But he also loves his mother Humility, he has a very strong bond with her and always ends up emotional when people mention her. Also, he does love his sin friends, however, he barely admits it.

Pride is (like most others in this show) A Dumblotraight. He is a grape boned in calm form, black boned in prince.

The voice actor for Pride is Leeroy Ellsworth.


How their 'prince form' looks like

👑Prince Form


Pride's Prince form appears for the first time in Episode 7

He is incredibly evil and bad, he will do anything sadistic he can think of, and won't care about what others think. He is the hardest to calm down. He commits all the sins at once in this form, Pride being the sin he commits mainly.

When he appears, the whole apartment takes a drastic turn, it turns from an apartment to a purple, evil castle, smoke leaves the chimney that makes the other sins go crazy.

A lot of his hate comes from the fact that he just wants his mom to love him more rather than his own calmer self, showing that he is so selfish he is even jealous of himself.

🎵Theme Song

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