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WARNING! THIS CAN CONTAIN SPOILERS!! Leviathan Invidia, better known as Envy, is the fourth prince of hell living in the Sin's Apartment and the Gatekeeper of Hell.

She lives in the half green, half red panel right above Greed's, Gluttony's and Lust's, she lives along with her twin sister Satan Ira (Wrath), her side of the hall/room smells a lot of tea and got a lot of books laying around, their whole hall/room has a lot of chinese themed ornaments.

Envy is the most mysterious of the sins, she hides her sin pretty well, but you can tell by the way that she is staring at people that she is jealous of something they possess. She believes everyone else is more beautiful and talented than she is and she usually applies that to her sister, Wrath.

How their 'prince form' looks like

She loves tea, reading and her twin sister. Other than that, she doesn't actually like much, she is jealousy after all, I guess she likes everything that others got. She also loves her two mothers, Patience Invidia and Kindness Ira. She also got a secret liking for Pride due to his incredible looks and his ways of acting the most important, however, when they were kids, they held a grudge against eachother.

Envy is (like most others in this show) A Dumblotraight. She is strawberry boned.


The voice actor for Envy is Paulina Rivera

Leviathan Dress 2

the 'Leviathan dress', she always wears this in Hell.

👑Prince Form

Envy's Prince form appears for the first time in Episode 5

She becomes incredibly jealous of people, but she loses a lot of her control to hide it and just goes by instinct. If she wants something she will take it, no matter what. She turns into a huge, stripey whale mermaid. She is part orca. Which makes sense as she takes whatever comes her way.

🎵Theme Song