THE SEVEN SINISTERS Episode 2- A Lust for more Sin

THE SEVEN SINISTERS Episode 2- A Lust for more Sin

"The Seven Sinisters Episode 2: A Lust for more Sin" is the second episode for the series, focusing on Lust.


In this episode, Lust wakes up and gets desperate, however, she needs to go out wearing ugly, baggy clothes. She gets rejected by each person she walks over to and eventually she breaks down and goes berserk, turning into her "Prince Form", turning more evil and way more disgusting.

She causes havoc in the village later on in the apartment. Other crazy things happen in the apartment, such as Greed buying a huge, annoying crane to build a fort made of gold bricks. And Gluttony messing with Pride by replacing one of his mirrors with a fun mirror.

She tries to do sexual acts with Sloth who then promply rejects her after almost being killed by The Goo. And also, because he has no attractions to women.

Lust calms down after a song number and gets confused over what has just happened, Wrath and Envy explain to her what happened, and then they move on.