THE SEVEN SINISTERS Episode 1 (A Sinful Start)

THE SEVEN SINISTERS Episode 1 (A Sinful Start)

''The Seven Sinisters Episode 1: A Sinful Start'' is just like the title states, the start of the whole series.


In the episode there is a narrator in the beginning, explain who each one of the sins are, what they like and even their weaknesses. After the introduction you get to see The Swamp for the first time, the home of Sacrificer . You see him and The Goo interacting in a fairly normal fashion but when The Goo heads back to her spot in the woods, it is revealed that she has some sinister plans in mind. She goes back to Sacrificer to feed him a stake and then you get the first introduction to his little son The Tiny One , who demands a lollipop from The Goo. After that scene, the sins are walking downstairs (most likely to eat), but Lust stops Gluttony on his tracks to ask him if she can hang out with him, in a shy manner, in which he replies Nah. In sadness and confusion, Lust breaks down in tears, the twins Envy and Wrath witness this and takes her home to their floor to help her relax, When she is finally happy and heading back downstairs, Wrath finally knows who Lust's crush is and heads directly to Gluttony to confront him, in which a argument ensues. Ending in Wrath heading back up in anger, Gluttony now regrets what he did to Lust. While Wrath is heading up, you get to meet Heartbeat , who in a shy and nervous manner greets Wrath, as you also get to see Wrath's soft side to him. The Episode ends with the sins sleeping and The Goo smiling viciously at the camera.




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 = Remix made by TenshiHanka for Episode 1! 

Greed getting slammed into the wall
Wrath kicking down door


Script written by Moa Olsson

Episode idea made by both Moa and LeeRoy

Music made by Moa Olsson

Animation made by Moa Olsson

Voice actors is in the episode description + the character pages!

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