Chaos the Lord of Dwurm


Dumblotraights are a species created by Moa Olsson & Leeroy Ellsworth for their original cartoons such as The Seven Sinisters.

Their name translates to Slug Alien in their ancient language called Dumblinershka (That was, of course, until English took over as their main language) and the reason for this name is due to them being a type of Gastropoda Mollusca (They do have the anatomy of a human however, but that is cause...fuck the rules?), they evolved from cat-sized slugs simply called Dumblo.

They live in a universe called Dwurm, and most of them live on their main planet called Dwurm Planet (Simple as that lmao) but they can live on other planets within that universe, however, they despise outsiders.

Chaos and Harmony's History Edit

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They got a lord named Chaos, who created the whole universe and was the first of the species, but he had to start the creation of life simple, that's why the Dumblo's were created. However, he wasn't the only Dumblotraight in existance before he made the universe of Dwurm, he had his little sister, Harmony. Harmony is considered the Anti-Lord of Dwurm due to past events such as child abuse and being treated lower than Chaos due to Harmony being a mistake and Chaos not. When Harmony finally fled the endless amuse, Chaos took her in, they fell in love with each other and love each other very much, but Chaos needs to keep Harmony in a cage, not only because the parents are still out to try and get her, but also, due to Harmony's trauma, she is out to hurt and kill innocent life, such as innocent Dumblotraights.

Back to normal info lol Edit

The Dumblotraight's strength is determined from what their bone color is, and you check their bone color simply by looking at their nose, white being the weakest, red and yellow being the most common, and black being the strongest and most dangerous (as well as the most unstable).

Funny facts:

1. The average dumblotraight is around 2+ feet taller than the average human.

2. If a dumblotraight would land on earth, they would go right away on a killing spree due to instincts. (Humans are only able to defeat blue bones and under, or very weak yellow bones.) However, Dumblotraights have no interest in attacking Earth.

3. they pay everything with gold coins.

4. Their lord, Chaos, is 6000 feet tall. Harmony, the anti-lord, is 6025 feet.

4.5. (warning, peepee parts incoming.) Boys have 'twisters' who look like a pigs tail and girls have 'drillers' who are holes formed in a spiral way.

5. They are funny yet creepy bastards.