Belphegor Acedia, better known as Sloth, is the sixth prince of hell living in the Sin's Apartment and The Ruler/Inventor of "Rich" Inventions, Inventions such as Technology, who makes people lazy.

He lives in the mint panel right above Envy and Wrath's, Greed's, Gluttony's and Lust's. His room smells of mint and is really relaxing, there are pillows almost all over the place.

Sloth is the most calm of the sins, as well as the oldest out of them. He never wants to do anything that he is asked to do and just likes to be by himself.

How their 'prince form' looks like

He seems really sweet, but he is actually a really rude fella, he likes making rude jokes and barely likes anyone who dares to make him stay awake, however, he does like his sin friends, but are usually annoyed by their constant noise, he also really loves his mother, Diligence Acedia. His right eye (The "hollow" eye) Is fully blind.


Sloth is (like most others in this show) A Dumblotraight. He is a mint boned.

The voice actor for Sloth is Cody Johnson.

👑Prince Form

Sloth's Prince form appears for the first time in Episode 6

He usually comes out when the sins annoy him til a lack of sleep, he is seemingly more energetic than when he's calm, but in reality, every movement he does is painful for him. He just wants to sleep but feels like he can't until he has hunt down the people who annoyed him. He grows horns and long, elf like ears. He carries a kitchen knife and grows more, bushy hair.

🎵Theme Song