Asmodeus Luxuria, better known by her nickname Lust, She lives in the Sin's Apartment and is the first prince of hell, and the Queen of Succubus.

She lives in the dark blue panel right above the bottom, her whole hall is covered in white, gooey stuff ;) and her room/hall is mostly surrounded by blue furniture.

Lust is one of the more nice sins, she uses her sweet personality and her beautiful looks to get laid.


How their 'prince form' looks like

She loves red wine, Sex, porn and the other sins very much, she wouldn't trade her friendship for anything. She also loves her mother Chastity Luxuria.

She got a huge crush on Beelzebub Gula (Gluttony) and have held that crush for many years, she is not one to fall in love, but for her, Gluttony is different.

Lust is (like most others in this show) A Dumblotraight. She is a grape boned.

The voice actor for Lust is Moa Olsson (PoundToundHound)

👑Prince Form

Lust's Prince form appears for the first time in Episode 2: A Lust for More Sin.

She is way more craving for sex, she needs it. She goes by Asmodeus at all times and she becomes more dull in color. She appears to be a chimera, she is part Bull, Ram, Snake and Rooster.

She got the two heads of her siamese brothers attached to her arms.

She can also breathe fire.

🎵Theme Song